Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Beach Bag Essentials

As a California girl with parents who always took me on tropical vacations (we were so not a ski trip kind of family...), I think that I have my beach bag routine down pat. 

First things first: a good bikini. 
Everyone needs a great swimsuit in their summertime arsenal. I recently bought this seersucker one from JCrew on major sale and I am in love with it. I try to stick to bandeau tops and low rise bottoms, as I have a small chest and a short torso so those cuts work for me, but it's important to find a cut that's flattering for you. I also like to buy more timeless suits that can last me season after season, and that I won't see in old family photos and cringe. 

Sunscreen: I know that everyone stresses the importance of sunscreen, but they're doing that for a reason! I grew up swimming and playing water polo, so I spent my fair share of time in the sun, and I can honestly say that using ample sunscreen leaves you with a better tan than not. Plus, you'll thank yourself down the line when you don't look like the crypt keeper at 35. 

A cute hat: I usually bring a baseball hat with me (to help keep the sun out of my eyes when I'm reading or playing volleyball or paddle boarding), but I recently bought this new monogrammed sun hat from one of my favorite companies, Swoozies, and it's a pretty fab upgrade! 

Sunglasses: I have light green eyes, so the sun can give me a gnarly headache if I don't have a massive pair of sunglasses to help. 

Sandals: I used to live in sandals, but since moving to Washington I've had to pare down my collection. These Tory Burch Miller sandals definitely made the cut. I normally stay away from flip flops, but not for the beach. And these can go from beach to dinner with no problem, so I've been living in them on this vacation! 

Reading materials: I read constantly, and on vacation I can literally spend an entire day in a beach chair reading one book after another. I love mysteries, though! I also usually being along a few magazines, although I hate how they'll stick to my sunscreened legs, so I usually stick to a book :) 

Until next time,

PS: Greetings from Palm Beach! 

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