Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Benefit They're Real Mascara and Eyeliner

So all of my friends are in love with this mascara from Benefit. When I heard they were coming out with an eyeliner, I couldn't wait to try it out, since I rarely go a day without wearing it. What's really cool about it is the truly innovative tip: rather than a felt pen type tip which is typical of most liquid liners, this liner is a flexible rubber. The liner is a gel that you click up into the rubber, and then you apply it, allowing you to get super close your lash line, which I love. However, I have kind of oily skin around my eyes, especially during the summer, so I found that it tended to run a lot more than the eyeliner I've been using for the past few years, the Stila All Day Liquid liner. 

I also bought some of the Benefit They're Real mascara, which I absolutely love minus the fact that it's really hard to get off! Even with makeup remover wipes I still had some leftover, which I'm not used to. However, it does make my lashes look absolutely amazing! So, all in all, I'd say that I love this set for a night out or a date night, but it can be a little dramatic for every day, especially during the summer when my makeup tends to end up down my face :( 

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