Monday, December 30, 2013

Black & White

Shirt: JCrew; Sweater: JCrew; Skirt: Theory; Tights: Wolford; Shoes: Stubbs and Wootton for Brooks Brothers; Bag: Kate Spade
I am addicted to this black Theory skirt. I wear it perhaps too much. But it is just the perfect piece most days. 

Shirt: Jcrew; Sweater: JCrew
I paired it with a simple black crew neck sweater from JCrew, and this ruffled collar button up that I just snagged from JCrew on sale... I ended up getting it for about $30 which is great because I had been searching for it after I didn't get it this summer. Yay! 

Shoes: Stubbs and Wootton for Brooks Brothers
I had returned a present from Brooks Brothers after Christmas and got these amazing Stubbs and Wootton slippers instead. I love the patriotic bows embroidered on the gray flannel! I have a feeling I might not be taking these off any time soon...

Until next time,

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day to Night

As so many of us lead such busy lives these days, I think it's important to have a few key essentials that can turn a simple day time outfit into one that's night time appropriate. 

Here is a standard weekday outfit for me. Oversized chambray button up, black JCrew pixie pants or JBrand jeans, and flats, which in this case are my Charlotte Olympia cat flats. And of course a Starbucks! 

My jewley always includes a watch and some bracelets, as well as some simple studs and my signet ring. 

I'll put my hair in a simple pony tail, or pin it back with a headband, and then I'm ready for the day. 

When it comes to taking that outfit from work or school to a nighttime date night or girls night, I have a few basics that I add to make any outfit easily translatable. 

I will usually add three things: statement necklace, cute jacket, and a red lip. Refreshing your makeup and adding a bright lipstick in red or pink can instantly up the ante with most outfits. The same goes for statement jewelry, and jackets are important for staying warm as the temperature dips as the sun goes down.  

I'll also usually throw my hair into a top knot or bun, as 7 o'clock dinner reservations don't always leave a lot of time for curling hair or dry shampooing. 

I will sometimes change my shoes out as well, because once you've added big necklaces and more intense makeup, fun daytime flats can find themselves competing with a lot of other outfit elements. 

Until next time,

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Whites - Part 2

I love the idea of all white during the winter. I know it's technically against fashion "rules," but it just makes so much sense when you're dreaming of snowy weather. 

So, this past Christmas Eve, I wore this (almost) all white outfit. These JCrew cords from an earlier post are some of my favorite new pants. And I haven't managed to spill anything on them yet! 

This button up is a shirt I bought in Japan a few years ago when I was there on vacation. It's jeweled collar is so fun for dressing up or down, and it looks cute half tucked in like I did here or fully tucked into a skirt or high waisted pants. Because I was basically wearing a built in statement necklace, I kept the rest of my jewlery minimal - just stud earrings and my big boyfriend watch. 

My glitter covered black Tory Burch flats were a good contrast to the all white outfit, plus they played up the jewels on my collar. 

I did my in soft waves, and pinned it half back with small braids. This is obviously the back view, which definitely accentuates how red my hair is getting! I was actually born a red head, but it started growing in blonde when I was little. Now, though, as soon as it gets a little darker in the winter (aka when I never get to see the sun!) it starts to get red again... My boyfriend keeps making fun of me! Oh well :)

Until next time,

Monday, December 23, 2013

Nutcracker Chic

One of my favorite holiday traditions is going to the San Francisco Ballet's production of the Nutcracker. 

This year we went to a matinee showing, so we could go out to dinner after, so it wasn't important to be too dressy. 

I wore this bright pink Kate Spade sweater with a bejeweled Peter Pan collar. I wore my hair in loose curls, with my too long bangs pinned back, and these big pearl earrings I bought in Tokyo a few years ago. 

This sparkly bow belt (also from Kate Spade) broke up the pink of my sweater with the black of this Theory circle skirt that I probably wear too much. Oops! 

The Chanel flats made another appearance - shocker! They are just the perfect shoe for everything, I honestly can't help myself! 

This is the lobby of the opera house, it looked so festive. I am definitely ready for Christmas now! 

Until next time,

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Party Fun

Every year, family friends of mine throw an amazing Christmas party. It's kind of the event that my group of friends looks forward to throughout the holiday season. 

I wore this red shift dress from JCrew, which I bought a few halloweens ago when I dressed up as a ladybug. It's perfect for holiday parties though! And it has pockets... Which is so handy at parties because I can just slip my phone or lipstick in them and then have my hands free for shaking hands and holding champagne glasses. 

This Kate Spade necklace added just the right amount of zazzle to the plain dress. I kept everything else relatively simple, wearing little "T" stud earrings from Tory Burch, and put my hair up in a ballerina bun, mostly so it wouldn't get tangled in my necklace all night long! My makeup stayed pretty low key, as well, with just an exaggerated cat eye, because I thought my standard red lip would clash with my red dress. 

These JCrew patent leather pumps are some of my go-to party shoes. They go with everything, and you never need to polish patent leather so they are always ready to go! They are a little high though, as heels go, so you definitely need a cocktail or two to take the pain out of wearing them sometime! 

This is the tree at the Christmas party. It's the dad's pride and joy, and every year he has to show all of us all of the different light settings. It's so cute. Along with this amazing tree, the family puts out the most delicious spread of food. They really take party planning to another level, with food for red meat lovers, vegetarians, and everything in between, as well as Christmas treats like rich egg nog and gingerbread, of course! 

In light of that, I think it's always important to bring a hostess gift to any kind of gathering. Usually I think it's appropriate to bring a bottle of wine or scotch, or maybe a nice bouquet of flowers. However, a hostess usually doesn't want to have to fuss with a vase when she's greeting guests, and if you're going to a party where you know there will be a plethora of wine or food, those options can seem redundant. So I like to bring a nice breakfast treat. No one wants to worry about cooking the day after a party when they're already worried about cleaning up, so I think it's nice to take something off of their mind after they've opened up their home to you. Regardless though, I think it's important to never show up empty handed - Jackie O. probably never would have! 

Until next time,

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weekend Gem

I went out in the city last night, which isn't anything big or exciting. Matt and I went to dinner with a bunch of his friends and their girlfriends, and then we spent the night out at one of my favorite bar/brunch spots in San Francisco: the Brixton. 

It wasn't a particularly fancy evening, but I took the opportunity to wear this Kate Spade skirt from last Christmas time. 

I absolutely love the gem print! It's very different, something Kate spade is of course known for. The fit is also great, as it's more of a tulip cut, so it's more fitted around the legs - a fact which is great for windy winter nights when you don't want your skirt flying up! 

This bow-tied Milly shirt made another appearance, as it is of my favorite night time tops these days. The leather bow tie plus the front placket of pin tucks gives it a fun tuxedo vibe. Plus, when paired with this Alice and Olivia tweed jacket, the monochromatic top didn't distract too much from the crazy pattern on my skirt. 

These sparkly loafers came out again, too! Because I'm 5' 8", I don't wear a lot of heels. I pretty much stick to flats, unless it's a particularly formal occasion. However, I found out last night that no one thinks that I'm as tall as I am because of it! A friend who's 5' 4" last night couldn't believe me when I told her my height, and made us stand back to back. So weird. 

Until next time,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ugly Sweater Party

Once a year, my old co workers and I have an ugly sweater party. It all started one year when we had an ugly sweater making party, when we all brought old sweat shirts and sweaters and various things to bedazzle them with such as jewels and iron ons. Now, we just have a fun pot luck, which is great because really none of us work together any more so we just drink wine and gossip/catch up. 

This is my ugly sweater. I made it using iron ons I printed out at home of vintage Christmas imagery. The back has an old school Rudolph on it! I paired it with my favorite Theory skirt, as well as Wolford stockings and flats. 

These Tory Burch flats were a good addition to my outfit, as their black glitter was perfectly seasonal and festive. 

I also took the opportunity to wear this fun turban style headband from Anthropologie. I thought the cool dark green leopard pattern would play well with the bright red. Very Christmassy! 

Of course I also wore my gold Kate Spade bow ring, it wouldn't be a party without it :) This is also my Christmas manicure! I always go to the same salon near my house in Washington for gel manicures, because they can literally do whatever design you want! I love that my ring finger looks like a little present. 

Here's my friend's dog waiting to be served at the table! How cute is he? He just jumped up there and was ready to join the party. So sweet. 

Until next time,

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Boots with the Fur

Every time I come back from visiting my friends in LA, I always have about a week or so when I dress way cooler than I normally do. This is that week. 

This grey leopard button up for Equipment had been on my wish list for a while, and I finally took the plunge. I paired it with this Intermix sweater that I basically haven't taken off since I bought it, as well as this necklace from Alice and Olivia. I had been dying for this necklace from the moment I saw it months ago, and I finally took the plunge as a little Christmas treat for myself :) 

Shockingly (said no one) my black skinnies made another appearance. I honestly do not know what I would do without them. And yes that is the Aussie dog lounging off to the side... She's such a little diva. 

The biggest proof of my temporary coolness: these boots and the constant use of my 18th birthday Chanel bag. I bought these boots on sale at Barney's (they would have been *way* too expensive otherwise!). I had been looking for short black boots, and initially meant to get these for my mom, but then I tried them on and fell in love. They are black calf hair which is just so cool and unique. I've already gotten compliments galore on them. Yay! 

Until next time,

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cozy Class

I am a firm believer that even if you're trying to stay comfortable, you can still look put together and polished. My key to this look is wearing a snuggly sweater like this chevron one from Joie along with a simple button up. 

Sometimes I like to button my shirts all the way to the top and then pair them with a cute necklace like my gold monogram one I wore in this picture. 

Well fitting skinnies in black or dark denim are also a must here: these black jeans from Rag and Bone are my new favorites. However, just like a structured handbag adds panache to an otherwise casual look, good shoes are equally as important. 

Cue my Charlotte Olympia kitty flats. I bought these last year when I was in London during the holidays and I love them! They are completely quirky and definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but they always add an unexpected element if sass to my outfits. 

Until next time,

Monday, December 16, 2013

Inspo of the Week: Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung's is known for her style, period.  She put off college after being scouted at a music festival in England at 16, which put her in the public eye in Europe and Asia.  But, it was more than her interesting looks (she's half Chinese and half English) that kept the public's attention on her.  Her style has caused fashion industry big wigs  like Anna Wintour to deem her a "phenomenon." She's now a contributing editor at British Vogue.  And she has recently published a book, It.

It was this book, in fact, that prompted me to write this post.  I recently saw this book at Anthropologie and immediately put it on my Christmas list.  While Alexa's style may be too grungy for some, too edgy or even too girly for others, I think that it is nonetheless very inspiring.  

This Moschino dress she wore for Paris Fashion Week is, in short, amazing. The outfit is totally Alexa Chung: the dress has a lovely retro vibe, with its color blocking and patch pockets and halter neck line, and the Valentino shoes play off of that with their ankle straps and chunky heels. But her perfectly undone hair and barely there makeup look lend a sense of modernity to what could have ended up being too costume-y. 

I love this outfit! I adore short suits, and when girls rock the tuxedo look - and combining the two is so quirky and cute.  How great would this outfit be for NYE?

Alexa Chung is basically the reason that Peter Pan collars became a thing, so for that I say, "thank you," because they are an integral part of my wardrobe.  She always looks so feminine and darling, and part of that is because she wears feminine and darling clothes, like this peter pan collar embellished sweatshirt and floral a-line skirt.  

Aside from peter pan collars, and collars in general, Alexa Chung also knows how to work closet basics.  A girl who's listed a navy  v-neck sweater as part of her go-to wardrobe, she knows the importance of pieces like this great trench coat.  Plus, she paired it with Valentino Rockstud flats, which I adore - creating the perfect mix of classic and trendy. 

Finally, this Chanel dress, paired with a chic Chanel 2.5, is a great look. I love that she often wears cocktail dresses with flats.  It's an unexpected combination that lends an air of casualness to what could be a stuffy outfit.  Plus, I get it as a fellow tall girl! But, she looks so perfectly undone with the combination of flats with her slightly messy hair, thus making a little black dress completely her own.  

Whether or not Alexa's style is for you, I think the fact that she feels comfortable dressing in what she wants to, and breaking the fashion rules that she feels like breaking, should be style inspiration for all of us.  Fingers crossed her book is waiting under the tree for me! 

Until next time, 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Airport Bows

I found myself at the airport today... Again. Sometimes I love the airport because I get to just sit and catch up on my reading. It's always important to look put together but still be warm and comfortable, so I stuck to my travel uniform of comfy sweater, pants and flats. 

I put my hair into my I-don't-feel-like-trying bun, packed my essentials in my beau bag, and put on my JCrew pixie flats and the Chanel ballet flats I can't live without. I particularly love these JCrew pixie pants, because they're heavier than regular leggings, so they're warmer and look more polished (and they're not see-through!). 

Because it's winter time, I layered this lovely red and black bow JCrew (JCrew is a hot bed of adorable bow themed clothes right now!) button up under this nice thick sweater from Intermix. Intermix is one of those stores that's usually too cool for me, but they just opened one near my moms house and I found this when I popped in during my Thanksgiving visit. I rarely travel without my monogram necklace either: Matt gave it to me a few years ago and it's like my good luck charm now! 

My trusty Michael Kors watch and scalloped Kate Spade bagel made another appearance. I don't know what I would do without a watch! I could just use my phone, but it's usually dead, so my watch is my one link to the civilized world sometimes. 

Until next time,

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I got to spend the day in LA at the Grove with two of my best friends in the entire world. We spent the day going to Dylan's Candy Bar, Top Shop and we even saw Emily Van Camp and her boyfriend Josh Bowman from the ABC show Revenge!  

This adorable bow embellished sweatshirt from JCrew with my JBrand skinnies were perfect for the warm 70 degree weather. It made me miss the days when I got to suntan every day while I studied in college! 

How cute are these little chiffon bows?? When I saw this while Christmas shopping the other day I had to treat myself. 

I packed one pair of flats and one pair of shoes with me this weekend. My Chanel flats have turned out to be one of the best shoe investments of my life. I wear them constantly, because they go with everything and can turn from day to night in the blink of an eye. I'm in love! 

How sweet does the Grove look all done up with holiday decorations? We used to come here all the time in college, so it was fun to get back together in our old haunt. Cheers to a fun Saturday! 

Until next time,