Monday, December 16, 2013

Inspo of the Week: Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung's is known for her style, period.  She put off college after being scouted at a music festival in England at 16, which put her in the public eye in Europe and Asia.  But, it was more than her interesting looks (she's half Chinese and half English) that kept the public's attention on her.  Her style has caused fashion industry big wigs  like Anna Wintour to deem her a "phenomenon." She's now a contributing editor at British Vogue.  And she has recently published a book, It.

It was this book, in fact, that prompted me to write this post.  I recently saw this book at Anthropologie and immediately put it on my Christmas list.  While Alexa's style may be too grungy for some, too edgy or even too girly for others, I think that it is nonetheless very inspiring.  

This Moschino dress she wore for Paris Fashion Week is, in short, amazing. The outfit is totally Alexa Chung: the dress has a lovely retro vibe, with its color blocking and patch pockets and halter neck line, and the Valentino shoes play off of that with their ankle straps and chunky heels. But her perfectly undone hair and barely there makeup look lend a sense of modernity to what could have ended up being too costume-y. 

I love this outfit! I adore short suits, and when girls rock the tuxedo look - and combining the two is so quirky and cute.  How great would this outfit be for NYE?

Alexa Chung is basically the reason that Peter Pan collars became a thing, so for that I say, "thank you," because they are an integral part of my wardrobe.  She always looks so feminine and darling, and part of that is because she wears feminine and darling clothes, like this peter pan collar embellished sweatshirt and floral a-line skirt.  

Aside from peter pan collars, and collars in general, Alexa Chung also knows how to work closet basics.  A girl who's listed a navy  v-neck sweater as part of her go-to wardrobe, she knows the importance of pieces like this great trench coat.  Plus, she paired it with Valentino Rockstud flats, which I adore - creating the perfect mix of classic and trendy. 

Finally, this Chanel dress, paired with a chic Chanel 2.5, is a great look. I love that she often wears cocktail dresses with flats.  It's an unexpected combination that lends an air of casualness to what could be a stuffy outfit.  Plus, I get it as a fellow tall girl! But, she looks so perfectly undone with the combination of flats with her slightly messy hair, thus making a little black dress completely her own.  

Whether or not Alexa's style is for you, I think the fact that she feels comfortable dressing in what she wants to, and breaking the fashion rules that she feels like breaking, should be style inspiration for all of us.  Fingers crossed her book is waiting under the tree for me! 

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  1. I really like her style! Thank you for sharing this!


    1. Doesn't she? She's so cool and quirky :)

  2. Hey I just came across your blog via another blogger friend. Great blog! Love her style. Beautiful outfits! :)

  3. Alexa Chung is definitely amazing! I love her style!