Monday, December 2, 2013

Furniture Shopping

Matt's mom is a very accomplished interior designer, so when she offered to help us find furniture for our new house, we obviously jumped at the opportunity! 

I decided to dress comfortably, in jeans and a white silk button down and loafers, but I added a few classic touches such as a twisted hammock of pearls and my double breasted blazer. 

Is there anything more American than a big pile of pearls and a classic navy blue blazer? This is such a great, go-to combo for days when you want to loo put together but also comfortable. 

I cuffed my JBrand jeans to give them a trendier vibe, and paired the outfit with these tan Tory Burch loafers. They are accented with a little bow across the instep, so when I saw they were on sale on the Tory website, I had to get them! I guess all of these amazing sales are a silver lining of the bad economy ;) 

When I got home the Aussie dog wanted to try on my pearls... I think she looks pretty cute :)

Until next time,


  1. Love the outfit! Hope you had a great time shopping for furniture!


    1. Oh I did! Matt's mom and I spent a significant amount of time deciding how much he would freak if we bought a hot pink velvet chair... We settled on navy :)