Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weekend Gem

I went out in the city last night, which isn't anything big or exciting. Matt and I went to dinner with a bunch of his friends and their girlfriends, and then we spent the night out at one of my favorite bar/brunch spots in San Francisco: the Brixton. 

It wasn't a particularly fancy evening, but I took the opportunity to wear this Kate Spade skirt from last Christmas time. 

I absolutely love the gem print! It's very different, something Kate spade is of course known for. The fit is also great, as it's more of a tulip cut, so it's more fitted around the legs - a fact which is great for windy winter nights when you don't want your skirt flying up! 

This bow-tied Milly shirt made another appearance, as it is of my favorite night time tops these days. The leather bow tie plus the front placket of pin tucks gives it a fun tuxedo vibe. Plus, when paired with this Alice and Olivia tweed jacket, the monochromatic top didn't distract too much from the crazy pattern on my skirt. 

These sparkly loafers came out again, too! Because I'm 5' 8", I don't wear a lot of heels. I pretty much stick to flats, unless it's a particularly formal occasion. However, I found out last night that no one thinks that I'm as tall as I am because of it! A friend who's 5' 4" last night couldn't believe me when I told her my height, and made us stand back to back. So weird. 

Until next time,

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  1. Great outfit! I love the top and the shoes!