Saturday, December 7, 2013

Movie Night

When it starts to get in the 20s, I am
Of the personal opinion that the only thing to do with an evening is to bundle up and watch movies. And maybe go out to dinner to start with. But that's pushing it. However, I had a gift certificate to a local restaurant and didn't really feel like cooking, so we took a brief jaunt outside to grab some Christmas presents and some food. 

I wore this club Monaco sweater jacket, that I love because it looks like a tweed jacket but is incredibly comfortable. Also, the leather shoulder details add a cool edge. A buffalo plaid button up and black skinnies were a good base, and my leopard smoking flats were a cool contrast. 

Now, I also had to wear a coat... And a hat... And gloves because it didn't get above 30 today, but when I got to take my layers off I felt pretty cute :)

Until next time,


  1. Ooh I absolutely love that outfit, the shoes complete it beautifully!

  2. I love the buffalo plaid shirt!