Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Winter Whites

Well October came and went and with Novembers arrival, it seems that winter is here in full swing as well. We've been super busy here in Seattle, what with the new house and the horrible flu Matt and I have come down with. But today was the first day that I actually didn't just wear an oversiezed sweater and Minnie pants... Plus my new cords that I bought during JCrews last 25% off sale came in the mail. Yay! 

The pants are white corduroys in the JCrew matchstick cut, which I love because it's so feminine and Audrey-esque, which is never a bad thing with a masculine fabric like corduroy. 

I paired it with a black pullover and my denim button up. I like the denim during the winter/fall because it is slightly heavier and gives me some more warmth when it's super chilly out!  

My quilted Barbour jacket was a great jacket to wear, it is thin enough that it doesn't make you look too bulky when you're layering and the plum added some color to my black and white outfit. 

I added my gold and black Reva flats to match my black pullover, as well as my bow ring and Michael Kors watch, all of which are basically my everyday essentials. 

Until next time,