Friday, November 15, 2013

Black and White and Red All Over

Lipstick: Nars; Necklace: Kate Spade; Shirt: Equipment
Tonight's was Matt's brother's birthday party. I wore this polka dot Equiment blouse that I bought last year in New York. It has been one of my favorites ever since! I love pairing it with this Kate Spade necklace, as well as a good red lip. I have a tiny obsession with red lipstick, but I feel like I can only wear it at night when I'm dressing up. 

Bracelets and Watch: Kate Spade
My arm party was entirely Kate Spade. The now watch is my "nighttime" watch, as it's technically a cocktail watch, aka it could pass as a bracelet. My grandmother had this thing about not wearing a watch after 7, because ladies shouldn't have anywhere to be. So old fashioned! But it still rings in my ear every time I'm getting ready. 

Shoes: Kate Spade
My glitter Kate Spade loafers made another appearance. The party was just at Matt's parents house, so I didn't want to be too overdressed. They're a very casual family! Which is basically the opposite of my family, where every one gets dressed up for everything. 

Pea Coat: JCrew; Pants: JBrand; Dog: My love

I wore the shirt with my black skinny JBrand jeans, which are my go to for pretty much every day when I don't feel like wearing my JCrew Minnie pants. I should probably get a second pair! Either that or I should buy stock in JBrand. 

I have had this red JCrew pea coat for a few years now and I LOVE it. I can't wait to bring it out of storage every winter, it's so cheery and bright. I consider red the grown up version of pink, so it stands to reason that it's slowly taken over my closet. 

My mom's mini Aussie refused to get out of the picture - she's such a little jerk. But I love the fluffy bum. 

Bag: Kate Spade; Ring: Kate Spade
This bow embellished cross body Kate Spade bag is one of my favorite night time bags. It fits lip stick, my id, and my phone perfectly without being cumbersome. My bow ring also made an appearance! It wouldn't be a party without it. 

Until next time,


  1. I absolutely love this outfit! The bracelets, the red lips, everything about this is seriously perfect!

    1. Thanks doll! It's one of my favorite outfits :)

  2. I love your outfit and that red coat is beautiful!


    1. Thank you!! The coat is seriously one of my favorite things in the world :)