Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve

It feels like I have barely been home the past few months... I've just been back and forth to my mom's house for a variety of family events. Not to say that I mind very much, the warm California weather is an excuse to wear my skirts still! It's definitely too cold most days in Seattle, so I have to break them out when I can. 

I bought this new sweatshirt from Target to just wear around the house, but I think it looks pretty cute with a button up underneath and a skirt. I'm very into the whole fancy sweatshirt trend right now. It's warm and cozy and somewhat chic - a combination which is usually pretty hard to find! I also need to get over layering button ups under everything... I've been wearing that look non stop! 

I scored these pink Tory Burch flats at the most recent Nordstrom anniversary sale... They were more than $100 off! I had been looking for a pair of non-black flats for a while, so they were a good find. 

Happy early Thanksgiving! 


  1. Cute outfit! I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving break so far!


  2. I absolutely love the outfit, especially the shoes! Have a lovely Thanksgiving :))