Thursday, January 9, 2014

Victoria - Part II

For our second day in Victoria, Matt and I spent our time museum hopping. 

I found this totem pole on our way out for the day, and had to stop for a picture. That's me bundled up against the Canadian cold. I brought my Barbour jacket with me in case it rained (which it didn't) but it went well with my green patterned cords. The black and white Kate Spade scarf and mittens made another appearance as well - I have this terrible habit of under dressing if the weather doesn't call for rain. It's like my brain starts yelling "time to wear flats!" But, since it was still super chilly, my poor ankles were dying all day long. So the mittens and scarf definitely came in handy! 

Without the layers, this is what my outfit looked like. 

I paired my stand by white Madewell button up with a black JCrew pullover layered over for a cute school girl look. 

The tops also didn't compete too much with these green and black bow print cords from JCrew. I love these pants... They're so girly and fun. 

My black Tory Burch Reva flats paired well, and are also great for walking.  They are so beat up at this point I don't mind them getting any more scuffed, so they're good for long walks and nights out. 

Until next time,


  1. I have those bow pants! They are the best! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip!


    1. Aren't they? I'm obsessed with them... Although I'll admit they're a bit tighter this year than when I bought them... Oops :)