Monday, January 13, 2014

Inspo of the Week: Golden Globes Style

I kind of hate awards shows.  They tend to be boring, people can't make speeches without rambling... you get the gist. However, I do love the red carpet. Everyone looks so gorgeous, and it makes me feel like I'm watching the Barbies I played with as a little girl come to life, parading around in fancy dresses! 

Source: US Weekly

So, in light of me saying that I find awards shows boring, let me say that that was not the case last night.  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler absolutely *killed* it while they were hosting.  They had me cracking up from start to finish. If you haven't watched they're opening monologue, go and youtube that right now. But Tina Fey's red carpet look rivaled her performance in awesomeness. I mean, black and fuchsia floral print Carolina Herrerra? Yes, please. The graphic print was so daring, and it is nice to see actresses take a risk on the red carpet. 
Source: PopSugar
First of all, I hope that I look half as good as Julianne Margulies when I am her age - the Good Wife is lookin' good! Her porcelain skin was nicely complemented by the rich black silk of this Andrew Gn dress, and the plunging neckline added a daring element to gown's traditional a-line skirt and cap sleeves.  The intricate, coral-like embroidered design along the hem and shoulders was icing on the cake, making a sumptuous and simple statement. 

Source: Perez Hilton
So, apparently Sandra Bullock's gown was a little "disappointing" to some people. Sure, color blocking has been around for a few seasons now, but I for one hope it's not going anywhere. And this dress is breaking hearts and taking names in the color blocking department. I love the contrast of the bubblegum pink, black, and ice blue.  The plunging neckline and high-low hem (two trends that ran rampant on the red carpet at the Globes) might compete a little with all of the colors, but I think it works. 

Of course my girl Kerry made my list. There were several pregnant ladies walking the red carpet this year, and while Olivia Wilde is a close second for best dressed, this is completely what I would wear - if I were ever walking the red carpet while several months pregnant. The custom Balenciaga gown was somehow simultaneously edgy and simple, the sleek white column shape accentuated by a sort of peplum around her baby belly. The plunging neck (again) was adorned by a glam broach, and she kept the rest of her accessories relatively simple, letting her baby radiance be the focal point. 

Source: The Daily Mail
Michelle Dockery looked every bit as regal as Lady Mary last night. White gowns and high-low hems were certainly on trend last night, and this richly embellished Oscar de la Renta gown is interesting and chic, but also lady-like and royal.  Accented with simple pumps and hair and makeup, this was definitely one of my favorites from the night.  It doesn't hurt that I can't stop watching Downton Abbey, though! 

Source: Perez Hilton
Last, but certainly not least, my favorite look of the night was without a doubt Taylor Swift.  I died when I first saw her. With the black bustier contrasted against the red bodice and skirt of this Carolina Hererra gown, I don't think she could have looked prettier. I love the old Hollywood glamor of it all, especially when combined with her retro hair and bold red lip, that was somehow modernized by the gown's bold color-blocking. I have a feeling that this dress will be something that 30 or 50 years from now will be dug up out of the archives and worn again by another gorgeous star. 

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