Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rain, rain, go away!

Growing up in Northern California, I thought that I lived in one of the rainiest places in the world. This was especially the case after I went to college in LA and all of my Orange County and San Diego friends would shudder at the thought of it dropping below 60, much less raining. Of course I had always heard about how drizzly and rainy Seattle is, but I wasn't really prepared for it until I moved here! I am getting used to it, though, and it's giving me ample opportunity to experiment with my outfits!

Sweater: JCrew, Shirt: Jcrew; Skirt: Theory; Stockings: Wolford; Boots: Hunter
Curling my hair is pretty much out of the question any more, as there is so much moisture in the air that my fine strands refuse to do anything except stay straight most days. But my bangs are finally growing out enough that I can pin my hair back in more ways, which is definitely a relief! 

The Theory skirt came out again (surprise, surprise) and I paired it with the bow cardigan from an older post, as well as a cotton button up from JCrew. I have been really into skirts lately, even with rain boots. I just wear a longer rain coat and it works perfectly, especially because when it's rainy out it's also usually not that cold. 

Matt got me these cherry red Hunter boots for Christmas. They are a more practical color than the baby pink pair that I have, but they're still bright and cheerful enough for dreary Northwest days. 

Until next time,