Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Blues Cure

Mondays tend to be the worst... it's hard to wake up, and it's equally difficult to find motivation to get going on the first day after the weekend. 

Blouse: Kate Spade; Pants: Rag and Bone
This monday was dreary, let me tell you. The fog didn't burn off all day! So I decided to wear my new Kate Spade blouse, which was bright and cheerful enough to distract me from the weather. Paired with my black rag and bone skinnies and hair inspired by Taylor Swift last night at the Grammies, I felt a little bit like a blast from the past. 

The top is from their January collection, which was inspired by the British seaside town of Brighton Beach.  I love the candy colored jewels that adorn the front - they add a nice pop of cheer to the dull January weather! Plus, the black trim contrasting the white silk blouse mellows it enough so that it doesn't scream spring and seem out of place in the dead of winter. 

Shoes: Miu Miu
I decided to go with the whole retro carnival theme that the Kate Spade collection had going on, and wore these Miu Miu flats that I've had for years. They're Mary Jane styling and cute cut-outs along the toe made them feel appropriately old school.  

Until next time,