Thursday, September 4, 2014

Weekly Inspiration: Ali McGraw in "Love Story"

All photos courtesy of Pinterest

Every fall I seem to come back to the same source of inspiration: the 70s.  I don't mean in a disco pants and perm kind of way, I mean in the classic, East Coast collegiate sort of way: chunky crew knit sweaters, wool mini skirts, tweed, and pea coats. I think that I've been obsessed with this look since I read about the movie "Love Story" in Teen Vogue when I was about 14.  I immediately took to the classic looks worn by the movie's protagonist, Ali McGraw.  Everything she wore just screamed classic fall. Here, I've posted a few of my favorite looks from the movie, which you can bet will serve as outfit ideas throughout this autumn for me, as they do pretty much every autumn :)

Until next time,


  1. Great inspiration! Love all the fun coats!

  2. Great inspiration !

  3. Her looks are timeless and so perfect for fall! Great roundup girl!

    xo Jen
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