Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tory Burch Fall Wishlist

I woke up this morning to an email from Tory Burch announcing that her fall line had officially dropped on her website. Needless to say, I immediately headed over to check it out. As anyone who has peaked inside my closet before knows, I have a bit of a Tory obsession. And this fall line is no exception. While I always love classic silhouettes with a retro edge, I think that fall is a particularly perfect time to get a little bit of 60's and 70's inspiration for your look. The pieces from the fall collection are just that: with patchwork and brocade and a-line skirts with matching coats, it would be hard to not feel like a cool co-ed on a New England college campus running around in these pieces! Which is exactly what I'm going for pretty much every year when autumn rolls around :) 
I wanted to get the summer version of this dress a few months ago, but am no glad that I didn't! I can't wait to pair this with my brown riding boots and thick socks. 

Do I have an obsession with Reva Flats? Yes. Do I think that that's a problem? No. A leopard print pair similar to these was actually my first pair of Reva's when I was back in college, and I basically wore them to death. My mom legitimately bribed me to throw them away because they were so embarrassingly ratty. However, now that there is a new pair out this fall, you better believe that this will be in my shopping cart ASAP. Leopard is just the perfect neutral to punch up a basic outfit or to mix with other patterns and prints, especially during the colder months of the year. 

I love skirts almost as much as I love my Reva flats, and this nubby a-line mini is the perfect piece for fall.  I love pieces like this that have a classic silhouette and a classic composition, because they can sit in your closet for years and still look chic and put together. They are also great for going from day to night: I imagine I would pair this with a chunky sweater and flats or boots during the day, and then a black silky top and booties at night. 

Speaking of booties, these are, in my opinion, the most perfect booties that have ever existed. Living in the Northwest, I spent much of last winter *freezing* my little buns off. Needless to say, I decided that this year I would invest in some good cold weather going-out apparel, having learned my lesson last year. The first thing on my list was a pair of practical high heeled booties that I could pair with tights and a dress or skinnies and a cute top, and these fit the bill.  I have a predilection towards anything suede, so all of my booties from when I lived in California were unfit for rainy Seattle, so the flat leather on these, in tandem with the practical, thick heel, make these a must have for me. 

Last but not least: this amazing cuff. Granted, at it's price I will only be buying it if I suddenly come into a large inheritance or something, but I can still lust after it anyway, right??

Until next time, 


  1. I can safely say I love ALL of those shoes!

    xx, Kristy

  2. Those Reva Flats are gorgeous! You can never go wrong with some leopard print!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  3. I love those Reva Flats!


  4. I'm so happy to know i'm not the only one obsessing over fall right now! Did you catch the TB sale earlier in the year?! I missed it and i'm so sad! :(


    1. i didn't either, actually! but she usually does a "buy more, save more" type sale on long weekends... i'm trying to restrain from buying anything until she hopefully does one for labor day!