Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rainy Day Essentials

I absolutely love rainy days: sitting inside with a good movie or book, cuddled up with a warm blanket and a cup of tea - what could be better? 
Dressing for the outdoors when it's raining though... that gets tricky. 
So here are some items that I think would make an rainy day outfit that Audrey would approve of, with a fun twist of course. 

Umbrellas are great, but with the slightest bit of wind you're suddenly drenched. And, if you have anything to carry you better be good at juggling. So I think a good rain coat is an absolute essential. This Burberry coat is a great option, and the sweater is a cute and practical way to stay warm! 

These Ferragamo flats are great because they're patent leather, which is more water resistant than flat leather. And, unlike regular rain boots (although I do love my Hunters!) these are a a little dressier and more appropriate for work or a brunch date.  The JCrew Minnie Pants are great, because they can tuck into boots if you decide to wear them, and also look fantastic and chic with flats. 

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