Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Inspo of the Week: Miranda Lambert

Hot damn, Miranda Lambert is looking good lately. I noticed at the last round of awards shows that she looked particularly great, and then she was on the cover of the most recent issue of Women's Health magazine.  When it came in the mail a few weeks back, I immediately devoured the entire article, since I'm kind of Miranda-obsessed. Even if you're not a country fan, I think her music is the perfect kick-butt girl rock that every girl can love.  You can tell through her music that she has such a cool attitude in general, and that extended to her approach to weight loss.

At 5'4", she realized that as her 30th birthday grew closer, she wasn't feeling as great as she had in her early 20s, and she wanted to make a change. In her words, her body transformation wasn't about becoming skinnier, but about being the best and healthiest version of herself. If that isn't the most inspiring approach to weight loss, I'm not sure what is!

She lost about 25 pounds by making healthier food choices (swapping out chicken for steak; getting her veggies by juicing; eating smaller portions, etc) and being more active (taking the stairs, going horseback riding, etc). Most importantly, though, she did it over months, focusing not on an intense crash diet but on making healthy decisions and embracing a healthier lifestyle.  And she looks great! Miranda doesn't look stick thin, but she looks like the best, healthiest version of herself.  And it's amazing!

I found myself in a similar position recently, as after I moved in with Matt about a year ago I gained about 20 pounds. And I had no idea how.  I had always been the girl who didn't really have to work out, etc., but I slowly realized that that was because I had always had a fairly healthy lifestyle and routine.  Moving to a different state and moving in with a boyfriend for the first time definitely threw a wrench in that routine.  I wasn't riding my bike as much, didn't have a yoga studio or barre class to go to, didn't know where to go for runs.  And, on top of that, I was living with a boy who eats pizza and wings and drinks beer and whiskey (all my favorites!) with no repercussions because it's basically his job to work out every morning with the army. I have about 10 pounds left on my own journey, and it's so refreshing to read about a celebrity who I already love going through the same thing. Go Miranda!

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    1. Thanks so much, doll, I'm glad you like it! I'll head over to yours right now :)